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Saxx Milano black turtelneck (M,L)

(EST) Viskoosi segu ühel fotol olevad Piret Kartuse kõrvarõngad on müügil meie salongis. Küsige lisa  
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Designer Piret Kuresaar wool jacket/ coatigan (S)

Made in Estonia Mix of wool, viscose and lycra
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Saxx Milano sweater with lace

55% viscose, 35% polyester, 10% elastane allowed to handwash at 30 degrees and to iron nice soft material, the whole lower part is decorated with lace this sweater we have also in pink and gray, if you would like to see, please write to us info@elizabeth-boutique.eu
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Saxx Milano polo sweater (M,L)

mix of viscose, elastane, polyester
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Saxx Milano turtelneck

(EST) Viskoosi segu ühel fotol olevad disainer Piret Kartuse tassel kõrvarõngad on müügil meie salongis ja e-poes hinnaga 85 EUR, soovi korral küsige lisa
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